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About Item

Sigma 5000mAh Power Bank SG-010 Sigma 5000mAh Power Bank SG-010 Universal Ultra Slim Fully Compatible Always keep your device powered

  • Light and slim, the size is reasonable enough to use many times. It is placed in a pocket or bag without causing discomfort, and integrated wiring with him makes charging more accessible. It prevents the wire from getting lost or tangled up when carrying numerous items.
  • Never let your gadgets run out of power with Sigma Power Bank, powered by High-Quality Real Capacity cells.
  • It is a Portable USB Power Bank.
  • It is easily used with any mobile phone, media player, tablet PC, Digital camera, or any Electronic device needing 5 Vol Input.
  • Take this compact portable Power Bank charger anywhere with you and avoid disappointing moments by recharging your gadgets running low on battery.
  • Sigma Power Bank comes with Original Real Capacity Cells inside, which provide a minimum 500 charging-discharging cycle life. You should not purchase a power bank with three or four months’ capacity. Still, the claimed ability will persist for approximately two years.
  • Cheap power banks with lower cycle life will lose capacity in 5- 6 months and ultimately cost you more.
  • Sigma Power Bank uses the technology to give Constant current and constant Voltage during the entire duration of charging the mobile.
  • Most inexpensive Quality Power Banks can rapidly charge your Precious Mobile by pushing high current and Voltage to your Precious Mobile. This process is Hazardous and fatal for the mobile battery and Your Mobile Phone Circuit for which you paid very high money.
  • Due to the high terminal voltage in this process, the mobile capacity sensor shows 100% charging of the battery before it is charged 100%.
  • The reality is that a cheap power bank is charging your phone 50% or 60% at one time and showing 100% charged. Sigma’s unique technology of charging circuits is Safe for your Mobile. It Gives out Honest, Correct Voltage output, providing healthy and longer life to your Battery and Mobile.


  • Input: 5V / 2A
  • Connection: USB / micro USB / iPhone
  • Output: 5V / 2.4A

Compatible with

Mobile Phones, Tablets, Game consoles, etc. devices, and more…




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